A Craft Production


Brewed and bottled in Paris, La Parisienne is an unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer with a third bottle fermentation. The third bottle fermentation is a natural process that is very similar to a méthode champenoise, and that results in a very dense head with delicate and persistent bubbles.

The presence of lees in the bottle brings complexity and structure to the beer. Our custom made brewing unit is professional and precise, and is the fruit of years of brewing experience, in part thanks to the Brasserie Artisanale du Luberon.


faucet with water


Water quality is an essential
parameter for brewing.
We use water from the city’s network,
which is mechanically treated
before being used.


Malts and hops

We blend at least six different malts to brew our beers,
associated with five types of hops.
This unique blend is the result of long research
and testing work, making each of our beers a unique brew.



As with our malts and our hops, the selection of yeasts
used is the result of a minutiae research work
in order to find the one best suited to each of our beers,
but also to the minerality of our water.