The Birth of La Parisienne


Jean Barthélémy Chancel comes from a wine making family with a history in the Rhone Valley, and is himself the owner of Champagne Louis Barthélémy ( He picked up a passion for craft beer while travelling abroad, especially in the US, Belgium and the UK.

Disappointed by the poor French offering of bland industrial beers, he decided to found his first brewery in 2011: the Brasserie Artisanale du Luberon (, focusing on organic non filtered and non pasteurized beers with a second bottle fermentation.

A self-taught brewer with solid wine making knowledge, this first adventure in beer allowed him to gain the necessary brewing expertise.

He created the La Parisienne brewery in 2014 in order to share his passion of craft beers with Parisians and so that Paris would again have its own beer.


Jean-Barthélémy Chancel